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Must Haves: Six Products for a Complete Makeup Look

A full face of makeup can become a chore. With all the products the beauty industry has to offer today, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. These are six products that will give you a polished finish without the time commitment.

  • Brow Gel: We all know the makeup trends this past year were all about brows! Pencils, powders, waxing, and tinting, not only can they be pricey, but they can be messy. For an easy quick fix to flawless brows, try a tinted brow gel. The fibers in the gel will keep them in place all day with added fullness, and the pigment will give them some definition. Swipe it on and you’re done! Try Benefit Gimme Brow or Maybelline Brow Drama.
  • Neutral Eye Palette: A compact neutral eye palette has the right natural look for everyone. These palettes have light highlighting colors, with options of pink and yellow undertones that will flatter any skin tone. They also have a variety of tans and browns for your desired look. Swipe a highlight color all over the lid and buff a brown into the crease for some effortless dimension. I recommend the Naked Basics palette for a variety of looks that will look great on everyone.
  • Mascara: Play around with what works best for your lashes! There and so many mascaras out there to chose from, so try some out and have fun! Everyone is on the search for that holy grail mascara but, in the meantime, grab whatever you’ve got! Mascara always polishes the look whether it’s the only product you put on, or the final touch to a full face. For a great, cheap mascara, give Maybelline’s Miss Manga a go for added volume.
  • Tinted Moisturizer or Powder: If you have dry skin, opt for a tinted moisturizer. If you’re oily, go for a powder. If you’re feeling sassy, do both! These are a great way to even out the skin tone without loading on too much product.
  • Bronzey Blush: Blushes with hints of gold and bronze will be a two in one. They will give your face some color and contour. I recommend Mac’s Warm Soul for a sun kissed glow.
  • Tinted Chapsticks/Sheer Lipsticks: Finish your look with a subtle pop of color. Aveda’s Nourishment Lip Color will not only hydrate, giving your lips a healthy glow, they will add a soft pop of color for a wearable, everyday look.

Hope these tips help you on the days when that big drawer of makeup is too much to handle. Keep these in your purse for an easy grab!

Take the Mess Out of Statement Lips

Setting lipstick with tissue and translucent powder.

Statement lips have become such a popular trend for any season. Personally, I love the dark, bright, and matte trends, but they seem to be more of a hassle and mess than they are a fun fashion statement. They smudge, bleed, fade, and dry and, for matte colors, leave your lips looking cracked only a few hours after application.

Here are some tips that will keep your fun colors fresh and intact.

For long wearing purposes, use a similar-colored lip liner. Don’t only line your lips to stop the color from bleeding, but fill in all of your lips before applying your lipstick. This will ensure that your color stays on longer.

To set your lips, pull the sheets of a tissue apart so you have one thin sheet of tissue, and place on top of your lips. With a fluffy makeup brush and translucent powder, blot the powder onto the tissue. In the same way that powdering your face keeps your foundation on, this trick will set your lipstick so that it stays all day!

To avoid the cracking dry look of matte colors, apply lip balm before you apply your face makeup. By the time you are done with the rest of your makeup and are ready to put on your lipstick, your lips will be moisturized but not too slick to keep your color in place.

To keep them hydrated all day, dab a bit of lip balm on top with your finger to lock in the moisture without glossing your matte look.