Cinta Aveda Institute and CIDESCO

I chose to go to an Aveda School for their commitment to create beautiful and healthy people as well as their commitment to the environment. I specifically chose the Cinta Aveda Institute because of their CIDESCO program and their knowledgeable and accountable staff. Completing the CIDESCO program, I feel much more prepared for the world of esthetics, and ahead of many of my counterparts. The competence, knowledge, and compassion every one of my educators embodies is remarkable. Their dedication to the school and the program is demonstrated through their well-thought-out curriculum, practical work, and their help getting us through the ten hour day with laughter and encouragement.

The CIDESCO program as a whole has been an educational adventure. It has inspired and reminded me why I chose this career. The vast amount of advanced topics covered in the program has only made me want to uncover more. Everything from skin diseases and disorders in dermatology; to anatomy and chemistry in relation to electrical machines. It is an all-encompassing course that excels in quenching the thirst for knowledge in the skincare and wellness industry.

I’m energized to begin my career as a CIDESCO Diplomat. Knowing that I have such a supportive and accredited Alma Mater behind me helps fuel my passion.