Esthetics—Alpha Phase

I’ve been in the Esthetics Intro Phase about three months, getting down to the basics of facials, skin analysis, learning about skin disorders and diseases, and about the pressure points of the face and body. I always thought that esthetics was only about facials. I never even thought waxing was involved until I first went on my admission’s tour where they explained to me what I would be learning.

Now that I’ve absorbed and learned all the basics, it was time to move on up to the Alpha Phase—the Spa Experience Floor. There, I get to work on real clients instead of just doing practice facials on fellow students in class. I remember the first day on the spa experience floor—everyone was just everywhere: nervous, scared, anxious, and excited. But, eventually, we all nailed it and got everything down.

By this phase, you’ll get to find out what your weaknesses and strengths are. You’ll also find out what you like doing best. So far, I love doing facials because I get to make someone’s day better and also help make their skin look healthier. It’s just an amazing feeling. I also like waxing, especially legs and arms. I still need more practice waxing eyebrows though. Waxing eyebrows can be a bit tricky depending on the amount of hair and the desired shape. Soon enough, I’ll nail that one too with more practice. Thank god I haven’t waxed off all the hairs on someone’s brows yet!

Choosing to attend Cinta Aveda has been the best decision I’ve made in my entire life. And if I had the chance to change my past educational experiences, I’d make going to Cinta Aveda my first choice.