Choosing an Esthetics Career for Life

Opportunities for Estheticians

After getting an education in esthetics, the next step is to begin a career. The industry is broad and the choices are numerous. Here are some options based on where your passion lies.

If you love performing facials or other skin and body treatments:

  • Spa/Salon Esthetician: This is the most common job new esthetician graduates seek. It consists primarily of performing services on clients in a spa setting.
  • Cruise Ship/Resort Esthetician: If you love performing services and want to travel, cruise ships are another option.
  • Medical Spa Esthetician: Performing services under the supervision of a physician, dermatologist, or other medical professional.

If you love makeup/products:

  • Make up Artist: You could specialize in a number of ways depending on where your interests lie, be it bridal, theatrical, television, or print.
  • Make-up line representative: This consists of building clientele for a specific brand within businesses. It requires a lot of travel and the ability to teach clients about product usage.
  • Cosmetic Buyer: This person can work in a variety of retail locations—a department store, salon or specialty store—ordering products, traveling frequently to trade shows, and evaluating products in other environments. A buyer must have extensive product knowledge and knowledge of upcoming trends.
  • Beauty writer, blogger, editor, or columnist: Writing about products for print or web publishing is another option.

If you love working with people:

  • Sales person/manager: If you have an outgoing personality and good people skills, you might want to use your skills in an environment that focuses on using training to sell products.
  • Esthetics Instructor: If you love working with people and want to share your knowledge, becoming an instructor could be a great path for you.

All of these skills of performing services, being familiar with products, and working with people are necessary in the esthetics field. But choosing to focus on the one path that most appeals to you can lead to greater career satisfaction and happiness.