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Immiscible. Surfactants. Hydrophilic. Miscible.

Four words that, a year ago, I never thought would be useful in my life. Now I’ve written those words on flash cards, with the definitions on the back, and find myself flipping the cards over and over and over again until the words are ingrained into my vocabulary. How funny would it be if I actually got to use any of these words in a normal conversation?

Humans are born with 300 bones; an adult human has only 206, 14 of which are in the face. Glycerin, which I only knew as nitro-glycerin, is used as a moisturizer in skin and body creams. I’ve been using it my whole life!

This program has opened my eyes to a world beyond cutting hair. The work is hard, the days are arduous, but I have fallen in love with the science behind the beauty.